Domain transfer done the easy way

Since the advent of the internet, billions of websites have been established for various purposes. What all of these websites have in common is that they are hosted somewhere on a computer or server, and they have a specific domain name through which they can be accessed by customers, visitors, guests, administrators and owners. Sometimes a specific domain name does not sufficiently represent the site’s best interest, so the owner decides to transfer the site to a new domain, thus creating a new name/address through which the site can be accessed.

A domain transfer can be a quite painful experience if not done the right way. You need optimal communication with both the old and new hosts, you need to keep your data in 1 place and set everything up and back to normal after a successful transfer. We, at MyVIPBox provide people, who seek domain transfers and domain pricings, with a lot of useful information so if you are interested in the topic or planning a domain transfer yourself, then definitely read on. The process of domain transfer usually depends on the old and new hosts you are dealing with. Generally speaking, first, you should contact your old and new domain hosts to initiate the process of a transfer. They may ask you to verify your contact information and other checks and inspections may take place before your site is safe to move from one domain to another.

Domain pricing depends entirely on your new host, so you should definitely inquire about what costs you’ll have to face after the transfer. Before initiating the transfer, make sure that your contact information is up to date, as both registrars will contact you regarding this matter! One can usually update their contact information quite easily by accessing their current registrar’s domain control panel. If your e-mail service is tied to your current registrar, make sure to create a completely neutral e-mail, like Google Mail, because you’ll likely lose your current e-mail services with the transfer. After requesting an authorization code from your old registrar, navigate to the transfer page of your new registrar and enter the domain name you wish to transfer and your authorization code, so you can initiate the transfer. One may need to contact the registrar’s support staff to successfully begin the transfer process. After you’ve provided contanct information and codes, the transfer should begin and all you have to do is wait, and pay for the transfer services before cancelling your old registrar’s services.

However, make sure that the transfer was completely successful before cancelling your old registrar’s services, or your website may go down until the transfer actually takes effect. Domain transfer can be done relatively easily with the right steps, and we just provided you with those steps! We, at MyVIPBox provide a lot of useful information concerning domains, domain transfers and domain pricing. Domain pricing can be somewhat confusing because many hosts and registrars offer various services with various prices. However, with a little attention, you can easily select the best deal for your website’s new domain and domain transfer. Stay updated with MYVIPBox!